Sunday, 20 September 2015

Announced: Lisgar Novice in Ottawa -- Oct. 17

Lisgar Collegiate in Ottawa.

 Re-posting Aidan's HSQB Announcement:

Mirror of SCOP Novice will be hosted in Ottawa at Lisgar Collegiate Institute (29 Lisgar St) on October 17th, 2015.

As this is a novice tournament targeted towards new, inexperienced players, there are entrance restrictions:
- Any grade 9 or 10 is allowed to play
- Any grade 11 player who is either entering their first year of quiz bowl OR has never attained a score of 20ppg or higher on a set of difficulty IS-A or higher is allowed to play.
- Any grade 12 player entering their first year of quiz bowl is allowed to play.

If a player does not meet any of these criteria, then they are NOT eligible to play.

The base fee will be $40/team.
-$8/missing player, so a 3-player team will only pay $32, a 2-player team will pay $24, 1 player $16.
Non-Ottawa Teams will have $30 as their base fee, with the same discounts.
Buzzer discounts TBD.

To register, please send an email specifying your school, the number of registering teams, and the number of players on each team (If you don't know player numbers for certain, that's fine we can work out fees day of).

Contact/Registration email:
Our note: This tournament will be played on a Canadian edition of the SCOP questions. ONQBA is working with the SCOP organization to add Canadian content to the question set.

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